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Interdimensional Insight

Flower representing how to change your life

Through mediumship, astrology, and tarot, I accesses otherwise inaccessible information to help you reach your full potential and live life to the fullest.

Woman looking to future

Beckie C.

Mark has remarkable insight from Heaven that always gives me peace, comfort and confidence.  He has been chosen to share messages from our angels and love ones that bring clarity and understanding.

Jennifer L.

My first reading a year ago, still gives me chills.  So much insights was packed into it and I'm still making connections.  He told me what I needed to hear; and also gave my heart the enlightenment that I would need in the future.

Patrick C.

I don’t want to believe Astrology, but he makes it very hard not to. The Angel and Tarot cards we pull are also somehow inspired and uncanny to the precise questions I ask. And the medium work he shares have brought me tremendous healing and peace.

Starry sky

Renew Your Clarity

And Purpose

Mark James

Psychic Medium. Astrologer. Intuitive. Tarot.

Call Today (213) 610-1039

Life Guidance

At different times in our lives, we can encounter roadblocks and challenges which seem daunting and insurmountable.  Traditional therapeutic methods and self-help resources are wonderful tools to explore in our journey through the rough patches.  But these are not the only options available to us.  Sometimes, all that's needed is a new perspective. This is where I can be of help; working with you to identify potential issues that could be holding you back.  In addition, I can reveal hidden details of your particular situation and the factors influencing it.   Take the opportunity to reconnect with your intuition, recognize the power you have to make positive change and move forward with renewed clarity and purpose.

Starry night over lake
Compass indicating life guidance throug astrology.
Couple showing relationship guidance through tarot reading


We’ve all experienced loneliness. Even in relationship, we sometimes feel alone, misunderstood, and problems seem insurmountable and overwhelming. You may be struggling with a romantic, platonic, or professional relationship, or simply wondering why you’re still single. I can help you understand why things are happening in your relationships, how to resolve or avoid issues, or simply make peace with your situation. No matter the circumstances, I accesses inter-dimensional insight into the relationship to help you find courage, face the truth, and take charge of your life.

Grief and Healing

Grief is an inevitable and heart wrenching fact of life. Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one or facing your own mortality, sadness can feel disorienting or leave you feeling frightened and alone. I can help you connect with your guides and loved ones to help navigate the grieving process and find closure. Reconnecting reminds us that we don’t really die after passing, and that we can still maintain a relationship with loved ones on the other side. I facilitate a loving, caring encounter to navigate your grief and embrace love and loss in a whole new way.

Statue representing healing grief through mediumship
Woman doing yoga representing how to improve health and well-being through tarot and astrology readings


Illness, chronic pain, unwelcome news from your doctor? Do you suffer emotionally or mentally from unhealthy habits? Are you afraid of existing or potential health issues? Please know you are not alone. My talents supplement traditional and holistic medicine with guidance from beyond the everyday, providing insight and perspective about your health to ease your emotional suffering and guide your decision-making process.

Finances and Career

At some point, most of us have experienced frightening financial insecurity or felt stuck choosing how to move forward with important financial or career decisions. I can help identify the source of your insecurities, examine the steps that lead to the situation, and help find answers from within yourself. Together you will explore trends, opportunities, and liabilities so you feel empowered to overcome obstacles and realize your own potential.

Money representing financial insight through tarot, mediumship, and astrology
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