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About Mark

How It All Started

Mark has been a practicing astrologer, medium and psychic for over 25 years. A California native, he spent over 30 years in the hospitality industry. After a personal tragedy in 1991, his search for healing brought him to his first reading with acclaimed psychic Gail Kenning who was to become Mark’s mentor and earthly guide. Gail was instrumental in helping Mark acknowledge and accept his gifts, and it was here that he began the gradual development of his psychic abilities.


Beginning with card reading, he explored meditation, channeling, past life regression as well as many other techniques to connect with spirit. During this time, Mark discovered that he possessed strong mediumship abilities and that he was in fact a medium. As his thirst to learn more grew, he began a formal education of astrology with noted astrologer, Stacey Dean. After completing a two-year program with her, he continued his studies through private instruction and has also attended astrological conferences. Mark has successfully completed Levels I and II of the NCGR-PAA certification program and has been a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research since 1995. 


Currently, he resides in Southern California where he pursues his dream of providing healing, resolution, insight and self-empowerment through private readings. Mark’s unique style incorporates astrology, angel cards, his gifts as a medium and the Tarot to pass on messages and information to his clients.

Man looking to heavens
Mark James, Astrologer, Medium, Tarot Reader
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