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Psychic Mediumship


Compatibility Report ......... $75

If you want to see what the stars say about the relationship between you and your significant other, or even you and a friend, then this is the report for you. An in-depth examination of the complex synergy between your charts provides you with insight and guidance to help you enjoy the relationship to its fullest.

Basic Natal Delineation ......... $75

If you’re new to astrology and are looking to get a basic understanding of your personal celestial configuration, i.e., your chart, then this is a great place to start.

An astrology reading consists of looking at the current placements of the planets in relation to your chart as well as looking at your Solar Return and Secondary Progressions to identify current and future trends.

1 hour Reading…………………. $225


Personalized Horoscope for the year ........ $75


Unlike the horoscopes you may find online, in newspapers or magazines, this report is based on your unique and personal birth information providing you with the relevant information you are looking for and need.



Understand the influence that planets and stars have on your life.

Children's Report ......... $75

One of the more popular reports, the Children’s astrological report is written with parents in mind to offer insight into the unique inner workings of their child(ren).  The report is broken down into different chapters discussing the personality of the child, their emotions and feelings, how mom and dad may exert their influence, generational factors and much more.  This is an ideal gift for new parents.

Fixed Star Report ......... $75

Astrology examines many layers of celestial phenomena beginning with the planets, but there is a lot more up there,  as anyone who’s looked at an evening sky (not impeded by artificial light) can tell you.  Fixed stars have been incorporated into astrological interpretation for thousands of years but aren’t often talked about as most of the time, the role of the planets is emphasized.  Nevertheless, an examination of the Fixed Stars and where they fall in our charts is worth investigating and many times provides the answers the planets cannot.

**Receive a 20% discount on all reports purchased


Psychic Mediumship

Communicate with loved ones and guides in the world of spirit.

The grieving process is a very personal and challenging time for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Sometimes traditional counseling techniques, although valuable in and of themselves, do not always provide a client with the tools they might need as they navigate the mourning process. Helping people connect with their loved ones in a loving, compassionate, and safe space and a serious commitment to the healing of others is my foremost goal.

1 hour Reading………………….$225


Acquire wisdom and guidance through a narrative of your life.

The Tarot is a valuable tool to use when there are questions or uncertainty regarding a variety of different situations. When used to its fullest potential, it provides answers and insight we might not be able to understand by ourselves.

1 hour Reading………………….$225

blue and black starry night sky_edited_edited.jpg

My readings typically incorporate three techniques to provide my clients with the most relevant and useful information to fit their needs.  There are times however when a client wishes to focus on one particular process during our session.  For that reason, I’ve listed various approaches below that can be chosen to make the experience more personal.  Whether it be to allow me to incorporate all three techniques, or to focus on just one, the choice is yours.  


In addition to my personal readings, there are several astrological reports listed that I also offer.   


**All of my readings include a personal horoscope for 3 months AND a copy of your chart***

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